Do we really need a marquee signing?

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It appears everyone in the press and a high proportion of our own fans believe we must sign a so called ‘marquee’ player for big money before the transfer window slams shut.

In theory signing a big name player for big money can only be a good thing, however it is fraught with risk and we have been burnt many times before.

So what makes a marquee player, is it the fee ? Is it the wages ? Is it ability ? It’s a tough call, was Andy Carroll a marquee signing? if he was then this is a case in point about risk.

In truth, for £20m plus you would expect top quality, but with inflated prices, this just is not the case now, Wigan quote £20m for James McCarthy, now in most peoples judgement he is not a marquee player.

This raises the point as to whether we really do need to splash the cash to show we are serious about making the champions league places. Spurs have just spent a huge amount, so we should do the same? The press says so, but I disagree.

We already invested in shaping a new squad last year, Brendan Rodgers brought in Sturridge and Coutinho, both of whom would make the new look Spurs team today, he’s added depth in Aspas and Toure and potential in Alberto, shrewd business I believe, unfortunately not glamorous for the press.

Did we need Willian, who at best is a very good player? were we right to say we did not want to overpay, absolutely! He’s 25 and has 2 caps, Jo is picked ahead of him, and we saw what he did at City and Everton. FSG are not stupid and have clearly said, we will spend if it’s good value. So far it’s not been so they have pulled the plug.

We are clearly on the right track with the right manager and owners who see the need to ensure we remain financially secure. It is easy to forget the recklessness of Hicks and Gillette and how close we came to administration.

If we sign a marquee player then I’d be happy, but if we don’t, I genuinely believe we have a squad capable of competing, and who’s to say we won’t make CL, just because Spurs have spent money does not mean they have a team, and they have lost by far and away their match winner and believe me, Willian or Paulinho won’t win as many games this year as Bale did last year.

By Chris Hutchins.