What is so special about being a Liverpool fan?

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Well, being a Liverpool fan in this age is not very wonderful. No Champions League football, no frequent trophies, and watch others win the league title from the middle of the table is absolutely not cheerful. When a new season starts, our hopes are obvious to be high. We’ll dream about winning the title at the start, top four hopes will be alive till January, and finally our goal goes down to “finish above Everton!!!”. This is what Liverpool is going through these days. So, what about the fans?

Let me share some of my experiences as a Liverpool fan. Every time Liverpool loses, we become a matter of joke. I don’t know what some arrogant fans of other clubs think about us and why they make fun of us, but whatever they say, we’ve to stay quiet without protesting because talking about history all the time does not make sense. I personally never talk about history but when someone asks, that’s the moment of pride for me and probably for every Liverpool fan. I spend all the week waiting for the match day of Liverpool. Excitements reach to the peak and what I get by the end of the match is disappointment most of the times. And again the wait for another match begins… I simply love to watch them play. No any stuff can ever get my time when there’s a Liverpool match and I have the access to watch it.

To be honest, it has not even been 4 years since I first started supporting Liverpool, but what Liverpool mean to me in this date is what I actually feel special about being a Liverpool fan. I feel like I have a face tag denoting myself as a Liverpool fan. Saying Liverpool will win the league this season and turning back and crying is the story of every Liverpool fans these days. I bet every Liverpool fan is going to cry the day Gerrard retires, but what we all hope is to see him kissing the premier league trophy at least once before he retires.
Talking about this season, we’ve got a reason to decorate our face with an early season smile. Two wins in 2 games with 2 clean sheets is the best start I got to experience as a Liverpool fan. With wonderful start of the season, we fans have already started hoping for the best of Liverpool FC but till time decides what we achieve, all we’ve to do is wait, wait, and wait.