Liverpool Rising again

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By @ghanshyam1989

In an ideal world, Liverpool would have been champions of England in the last 2 decades many times. In an ideal world Roy Hodgson would never have been manager of Liverpool Football Club. In an ideal world the new Stadium or the refurbished Anfield would have already taken place. In an ideal world Liverpool Football Club would never have experienced the judicial system of Britain and the United States and lastly in an ideal world Liverpool Football club would never ever have been on the brink of administration.

The effect of this is never to be forgotten. There are many clubs and businesses alike which have gone into administration never to return to their original state. It is a vicious cycle, a cycle which starts with players moving out, players coming in not of the same quality of the departed one and in no time, end up with a squad not capable of finishing in the same position last season and with financial strength decreasing year on year because of interest payments, it starts to look like the club is staring at a gun i.e. administration.

In that sense Liverpool Football club is very fortunate. That it did not go into administration and here my previous statement about Ideal situation arises. Any football club which is successful unless owned by Mafia, Oil tycoons, Royal princes or the Chinese government look to be in an Ideal situation. Ideal in the sense make a profit, invest that profit back into the club, invest in what is required i.e. youth, players, stadium etc., win trophies, generate more income, invest more and the cycle continues. All successful clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich among others follow this model.

Liverpool football Club is also trying to do the same with FSG. According to me this is the only model which can lead to success for years. As the saying goes Rome was not built in a day, this model though very effective takes a lot of time and hard work to come to fruition. With the transfer committee, with an astute appointment of Rodgers, with their model for Liverpool, they hope to make Liverpool climb the mantle of the premier league and Europe for years to come and to do that they need trust. Trust from the players, trust from the manager and the most important trust of all Trust from us fans. Even I get very disturbed with the activity or the lack of it in terms of the transfer window. It is also disturbing to hear the moans and groans regarding the stadium. But we have got to trust them. Trust them and they will lead us through the storm into the Golden sky.