A day in the life of a Kopite

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by @manofthekop

The buzzing of the alarm and the crack in the curtains made me aware it was morning. I stagger to the bathroom trying to not think to much with the hangover still lurking somewhere in the sewage that is my mind. I notice red on the sink, squinting my eyes I reach out for a closer look. It’s my brand new Liverpool tooth brush ready for the season that my girlfriend left out for me. Then it hits me, the date, the 17th August. My hangover runs away scared from the excitement I am releasing. Stoke city at Anfield, my second home.

Right time to get organised, my lucky red pair of boxers at the ready, the same ones I was wearing when we won the champions league, F.A cup and the carling cup. The crotch is a little warn but I value these higher than any other possession. The lucky socks at the ready  and my Liverpool FC aftershave. I started to understand why woman spend hours getting ready. Now for a hair cut…

My eyes tried to avoid the zebra print rack of the woman cutting my hair, the woman next to me talking about her epiphany in discovering ALDI. My hair dresser and me had agreed a vow of silence, we both knew that we had no interest in each others day or holidays. I felt ready for the match with my Joey Essex style hair cut that I didn’t ask for, all that was left for me to do was watch soccer AM and leave for the train.

The train was packed with excited Kopites, children that had never been to a match before looking nervous that what had been described to them for the last couple of years was true, that the place existed, like Narnia past a wardrobe there lay Anfield past the soccer bus. As more and more Kopites got on the train the sense of worry about the result went and I got filled with confidence. The more I looked at the fans I could understand why clubs play better at home.

The kop was booming when I entered the ground and the match kicked off. I could see how Stoke city fans got the reputation of being the loudest in the league, the small percentage of fans where heard by all but we soon drowned them out on and off the pitch. Stoke looks sharp having some good chances but we controlled most of the match. Daniel Sturridge getting a well needed goal but what stuck in my mind was the noise from the kop, not at the goal but in the last 10 minutes. The second the penalty kick was saved we gave a roar that lasted the rest of the game. This left is strolling for the last part of the game. I have never been so happy at getting a 1-0 win at home but fans came out the ground made up and full of belief for the rest of the season.

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