Saturday: A Short Film About the Hillsborough Disaster. Help Needed

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No-one need ever explain to a Liverpool supporter what impact the devastating events that unfolded at Hillsborough on the 15th April 1989 have had.  Whether a witness to the horrors at the ground itself, via the television coverage or uncovered as a fledgling supporter learning the history of Liverpool Football Club, the events that day are ingrained upon the very fabric of our club.

The tragic loss of 96 people that day set in motion a chain of events that has led to the tainting of the memories of the fallen, of the club and of the City itself. The subsequent cover-up by official bodies, the very people expected to uphold law and order has not only called into question the integrity of the judicial system and due process but also highlighted the power of the press to condemn and vilify innocent people without restraint.

There are many who have led the crusade for justice for those we lost; loved ones, survivors, those abhorred by the authorities handling of the tragedy and the shifting of blame and absolving of responsibility. Sadly some passed on themselves before the full realisation of justice could be gained.

The 2012 Hillsborough Report has opened the eyes of the public to the abhorrent injustice that has occurred. Documents are in the public domain which clearly shows where blame sits, whose lies betrayed their position. A small group of people are determined to raise awareness of the extent of the impact of the tragedy that unfolded that day through a short film, Saturday.

The team behind Saturday explain the idea behind the film.

‘On April 15th 1989, over 24,000 Liverpool Football supporters travelled to Sheffield for a football match. 96 men, women, and children never came home.

SATURDAY is a short film about how the Hillsborough stadium disaster unfolded for one family back home in Liverpool, as seen through the eyes of LIAM (8), whose older brother MARK is at the match.

SATURDAY is loosely based on my own memory of the day. By setting this short away from the scene of the disaster and focusing on the immediate impact on families back home in Liverpool, I hope to approach this story from a fresh perspective.

Although the loss of life at Hillsborough has been well documented, people often overlook the fact that 24,000 Liverpool fans were in the stadium, and their families watched helplessly as the horror unfolded back home. I want the audience to understand that during these moments the disaster affected the whole of Merseyside.’

Funding anything in this day and age is difficult and the team have turned to Kickstarter, a crowd-surfing funding source to secure the £24,000 required to put the film together and they are asking you, the supporters across the globe to help ensure the film reaches the public.

Please, no-one needs to be reminded why it is important to keep the search for justice highly visible. Pledging just a small amount each will ensure this film contributes to that awareness.

Visit the website for more details and to pledge as little or as much as you can afford.

Spread the word. Even if a small percentage of the supporters who could potentially read this, not just Liverpool supporters but every club supporters across the land, if you each just donated £1, just 1 little pound, this project would see the light of day.

Of course more generous donations are very welcome and there are a number of attractive incentives that could see you have a role in the film itself through to even being named on the credits. The website has all the details. You can also follow the team on Twitter @SaturdayShort or on Facebook

Please, help get this project off the ground.

Many thanks for reading

Gary (@lfc_wlf)