Steven Gerrard: Management material?

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Steve GerrardBy Rebecca Parry (@beccaparry10)

After months and years of interrogation into Steven Gerrard’s career post-football, the Captain Fantastic of Liverpool finally admits that management would be “a dream come true”. Of course, with Liverpool looking in very good shape in the hands of Brendan Rodgers, Gerrard was keen to reiterate that this would only be a consideration when “the job becomes available”.

He’s been hailed ever since he was given the captaincy full time in 2003, and is still spoken of as the best there is when it comes to leadership; a fantastic example for younger and fellow teammates of Liverpool and England. Leading Liverpool to their most famous European glory in 2005, there is no doubting his ability to inspire and drive others. However, does he have the qualities to take on one of the most desired managerial jobs in the footballing world?

It has been said by both Steven himself and others that between the Scouse duo of himself and recently retired Jamie Carragher, that it would more likely be the veteran to take the role in the future. However, with regards to Jamie, Steven now reiterates how Jamie’s calling has come through the media, as he takes on his new role as a Sky Sports pundit. Admittedly not being as vocal as Carragher was in his playing days, Gerrard would more than likely take on the composed qualities when it comes to management. There have been numerous occasions where he has kept calm during times of what could have been utter panic. Referring back to the inevitable in Istanbul, it was the Captain who took the decision to not surrender the fight at 3-0 down, but to inspire the rest of his teammates. As Phil Thompson liked to describe it, it was as if Steven was trying to rally the rest of the Liverpool team, in the sense of “Come on, let’s give this a go”. Of course, we all know what happened next. Every manager in the industry would have the quality to pick his players up and convince them that an impossible fight isn’t over. However, you would think that as a Captain, and having been in such unique positions, this would be invaluable to take into management.

Gerrard has often been described as “Mr Liverpool”, and was recently voted Number 1 in a renewed poll for Liverpool’s best ever player, above as many legends imaginable. The passion and deep tradition that is instilled into Liverpool Football Club may take time to understand for a man who has not been brought up with it all around him. However, brought up solely as a Red (although with some attempts to turn to the Blue side from other family members), Steven Gerrard is, as the song quotes, a Scouser- born and bred. Who else would understand the importance of Liverpool than a fan himself?

As a boy who used to stand on the Kop, Steven understands what the fans want, what the aspirations are for the new seasons, and just how important those derbies and rivalries are. Now, as Gerrard plans to doing his “badges and qualifications over the next 12 months”, I think it’s safe to say that whenever the day may be for him to take charge, Liverpool Football Club will be in safe hands.