Liverpool’s Brazilian North star

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Philippe Coutinho

3 games played, 9 points possible. 9 points achieved. No goals conceded. Premiere-penalty save (I know right?). Striker on top form. Our, arguably, best player not available yet. Strong, broad squad.

Things are looking good for Liverpool FC, for once. However, I want to talk about continuous success. Obviously, there are many factors that are all essential to a team’s success. Some might be of greater importance than other. Imagine if Stevie G hadn’t scored that header in 2005, or even captained the team for that matter. If Mignolet hadn’t saved that penalty against Stoke, or if Luis Suarez hadn’t nutmegged his way through the Manchester United defence. These are all individuals, or even single moments, that play key parts of continuous success.

Today I want to highlight an individual player whom I believe play one of the most important parts of Liverpool’s future success. I am, of course, talking about our Brazilian magician Philippe Coutinho. Now, some might argue that he has received enough praise, or that his passing percentage (avg. of 75 % this season) doesn’t call for bragging rights. I am aware of this. I am also aware of his creative flair that allows him to zig zag through the league’s toughest defenders with his flawless curls untouched week in and week out. The main importance does not regard footballing skills, as contracting as that may sound. No, Coutinho alone will not determine Liverpool’s success. What is crucial to a club struggling to stay among the giants in English football, though, is to prove that they actually can hold on to talent. This is how big clubs stay big (unless you have the bank account of a certain Mr. Pérez). To what extent Liverpool manage to hold on to our Brazilian northern star is what will set our ambitions as a club. Success is not only achieved through winning, but by keeping, by developing.

Show continuous strength and ambition, and this club shall see its glory days once more.

Carl Magnus Magnusson