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So what happened against Swansea? we had possession, promising attacks and the pressure on our back four wasn’t too bad, then bam we was not in the game at all. Coutinho went off and that was our midfield link gone, from the back up to the front it was as if a blackhole swallowed our midfield. Countinho was coming deep, going left, going right, basically doing the job of 2 maybe 3 midfield players, picking the ball up and using it or keeping it. As soon as he went off, we had five at the back and five up front, leaving not a lot in between. As as we lost the ball, the back four plus Gerrard and Lucas would be on the edge of the box, we could clear the ball but because the others are caught up front and everyone else is too deep, it just comes straight back. The outcome up of this tactical cock up, is relentless pressure, compounded by the the lads up front not having a back pass if they have found their way blocked.

If we drop deep, you invite the opposition to squeeze you with their numbers, when we go forward the team must move forward as a unit. If you worry about space in behind for a long ball counter, then nominate a man to be sweeper while we go forward. So now you can heap pressure on the opposition, pick up their clearances. As soon as you lose the ball, leave one up there to harass the their defenders, but drop back as a unit, don’t ball watch and pick up the opposition runners as they come forward from defending. At any point during play you win the ball, make a tackle, having the team around you as unit will us pick up the loose ball or provide a short pass to help regain the possession we have just won.

please Brendan, give us back our midfield!