Don’t push the panic button yet!

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By @svantevez

After today’s loss with Southampton, I was left a bit frustrated.

First off, the team had no conductor between the mid and Sturridge (Coutinho’s role). We were shambolic going forward (really wanted Alberto to start) and really didn’t take our chances, to put it simply we weren’t ruthless.

But who would want to not get an early warning of what may happen, you may ask? I strongly believe in the long run that it will be beneficial since we will learn how to cope with these pressures (everyone knows how hard it is to claw back from a 1 goal deficit! Ask Man Utd!)

This result,I believe will deffo set us in good stead on the long road to fourth, maybe even higher, in this season’s league and will help us get our house in order. Albeit we haven’t won two games on the trot as per now, I am confident we shall overcome and remember that our unbeaten run started with a pathetic, if I am allowed to call it so performance against the same team!

So bring on Man Utd!

P.S: give the new guys like Aspas time ,he’ll come good,I have a good feeling about this!