Time for a reality check

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by @09petar

After a shambolic and under par disgraceful performance against Southampton, I think its time to ask ourselves a few questions.

One of the questions would be if we really have a bench, another is if we have the front players to fire us back into the Champions League or if we’d just keep struggling and struggling to grind out wins, draw matches we could have won and lose unexpectedly and annoyingly even at home.

A winning team is one who can afford to lose a few players and still have the spirit and quality to win. Where we are at the moment as the manager likes to say is having a team with a clear mediocre bench full of young inexperienced players. The last transfer window is seeming like a case of misplaced priority, strengthened at the back by signing four defenders and we never really seemed to replace Stewart Downing or sign any established attacking midfielder to compete with Coutinho. Rodgers love flexible players but what’s the essence when they perform horribly in the position they’re made to play?

Losing a game is a fan’s worst nightmare and it wouldn’t be taken lightly when it is caused by a case of a tactical blunder like the last game: leaving Enrique on the bench or starting Aspas only to be replaced at half-time, where was the link between the midfield and attack.

I think we deserved more from the team and Mr Brendan Rodgers after so much hype even before the season started.