Wake up call for Liverpool

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By @alexbenaz

Undoubtedly there has been much of a feel good factor around Anfield of late, following victories against the likes of Manchester United, however yesterday’s defeat against Pochettino’s Saints provides a massive wake up call for not only the fans but also the squad.

Yesterday’s performance lacked the creativity and the fight that we have become accustomed to seeing at Anfield, and no doubt Rodgers will give the players a piece of his mind. However, Liverpool’s lethargic game provides us with a wake up call; we will not be staying at the top this season.

Despite this, as a staunch Rodgers supporter, I still have the belief that this Liverpool team has what it takes to qualify for the Champions League this season, provided that we don’t become complacent over a good start and become sloppy. For us to qualify for the Champions League, we need focus and determination, which we painfully lacked against Southampton.

We certainly lacked the attacking prowess that Johnson and Enrique being to the side, and of course the creativity of Coutinho, and Suarez’ imminent return provides a great reason for optimism. Another positive we can take from the start of the season is that we have 8 points more than we did after five games last year, and as soon as we get into our rhythm, I believe we can replicate the high scoring performances of last year.

All in all, plenty to be positive about on Merseyside.