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By @joseyrapper

Back to back losses has finally put the team under pressure to :
1 – Impress the fans
2 – Bring back the “winning mentality”
3 – Take their chances

Our first 2 matches were matches we would have drawn (or lost) last year so winning brought about a new belief – this is not the Liverpool of last year.

Then in the match against Notts County,there was a glimpse of the “Liverpool of last year” but it was immediately forgotten after winning the match and winning the next match – which incidentally was against the reigning champions- but fast forward three matches later and we are really seeing the “Liverpool of last year”.

The draw with Swansea might be forgiveable but losing at home to Southampton is/was unacceptable. But then again, did it really begin with the Swansea match? The answer is no. I think it started with Stoke – Aston Villa -Notts County – Man United – Swansea – Southampton -Man United again. It was right before our very eyes but we overlooked it, Aston Villa overlooked it. Notts County didn’t but they didn’t have the quality, Man United overlooked it, Swansea didn’t, Southampton didn’t and Moyes made sure he didn’t overlook it the second time.

The tactics  is simple – keep Liverpool quiet in the first half, make them concede a corner in the second half and score. Our best second half performance to date -yesterday- gave us hope that with Suarez back we can keep fighting till the final whistle which I think we should.

On paper Sunderland should be a convincing victory but let’s keep our fingers crossed  and hope these words don’t come out of our lips …….
“I thought so too”…..