Fergie isn’t a top, top writer

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It pains me to say it, but Ferguson was a great manager. Although some might be doubting his scouting skills after his now infamous comment about Steven Gerrard. And I doubt many people on Merseyside will be rushing out to buy his book.

Lots of people within the game have questioned the timing and motivation behind Ferguson’s barb.
Maybe it’s sour grapes because Gerrard tore United apart on several occasions including the League Cup final and the 4-1 demolition of them in the league game at Old Trafford a few years back.
Maybe it’s frustration because twice Ferguson tried and failed to buy Stevie G.
Or maybe it’s just dementia.
He is, after all, getting on a bit.
Fergie’s confusion was also evident when he seemed to retract comments about Wayne Rooney putting in a transfer request last season.
And it was there for all to see yesterday when the former Manchester United manager announced that his former team could still win the league this season.
Even the most ardent United supporters would struggle to believe this.
Whilst not quite as puzzling as Fergie’s statement about Gerrard, his comment about Jordan Henderson’s running style was also rather amusing.
The only time the 71 year old jock ever ran it was to confront a fourth official.
And he hardly did so with any poise. Poison, yes. But certainly no poise.

What is clearly apparent is that Ferguson is finding it hard to cope with life out of the limelight.
Perhaps he should channel his energy and do some charity work for Comic Relief.
He certainly has the nose for it.

But enough about the pensioner who is struggling with retirement. The person who came out of this situation best is Brendan Rodgers. Whilst Fergie was ridiculed for his comments and Moyes has continued to struggle, narrowly scraping a win with United at the weekend, Rodgers has looked confident, assured and relaxed when talking to the media. His statement after the West Brom win about Gerrard being a top, top, top, top, top player not only served as a well aimed dig at his former rival, it also drew laughter from the media and you can tell the reporters warm to him in press conferences.

As well as being a great coach, Rodgers also has the ability to deal with the modern media. I have to admit, out of sentiment, I was gutted when Kenny Dalglish was sacked. But where he seemed to snap in interviews, Rodgers looks at ease. It was a big ask, becoming Liverpool manager at the age of 39 but he has really grown into the role over the last ten months and, although he does have the occasional David Brent moment, his progress bodes really well for the future. If successful, Rodgers could lead the club for twenty years or more.