An in-depth look at how to defend from set pieces

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So far this season, Liverpool had been letting in goals from set pieces namely through corner kicks and free kicks. Liverpool players had done pretty well so far by intercepting, blocking and challenging through open attack play.
This article is an attempt to look at how difficult it is to defend from set pieces. It is best that for a Liverpool defender not to give away corner kicks and free kicks in dangerous positions.

Whenever a Liverpool player wins back possession of the ball, the player needs to bring the ball out of danger area as soon as possible. The most logical way of course is to hit the ball up the field towards the opponent half.
However if that is not possible, then the next possible solution is to put the ball out of play, either by conceding a throw-in or corner kick.

Only as a last resort a player need to foul the opposing player in order for the play to be stopped temporarily. By doing so, it would allow the other fellow team players to regroup into defensive positions.

Whether it be defending from corner kicks or free kicks, the defenders need to know what their roles are. You need to have a strong leader who can communicate this to the other players.

Besides communicating to the other players, the leader needs to be able to organize the players effectively and quickly.

The final objective of defending from set pieces is of course to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

How it is done depends on the correct used of tactics when defending against the set pieces.

Tactics like man marking, zonal marking, or ball watching or a combination is usually deployed depending on the situation.

Besides using the right tactics, one should always deploy a player who is strong in aerial challenge. His/her main objective is of course to be the first to head the ball out of danger area.

All players who are deployed into the defensive area should also be alert to other threats that can come in from other areas. Hence player watching is also very crucial.

In defending set pieces, all defending players need to have a high level of concentration. They cannot afford to switch off even for a minute. For doing so it would give the opposing playing to sneak in an unexpected goal.

Defending set pieces form a very important tactical aspect of defending. By getting it right, the opposing players can be prevented from scoring a goal. Getting it wrong could have disastrous consequence for the team.