Liverpool Must Must Remain in the Game

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By @connor_keyes

After 10 games, Liverpool lay 3rd in the league. Five points behind leaders Arsenal, level on points with Chelsea and Tottenham. What can we, as Liverpool fans, expect from the squad?

If you said that Liverpool could fall back into old, inconsistent ways, I wouldn’t ignore you. After the dreadful performance against Arsenal, we all saw the flaws in Rodgers’ 3-5-3 formation. That being said, Arsenal are on form, they look like genuine title contenders. We shouldn’t become disheartened, we shouldn’t lose hope, nut we shouldn’t become complacent either.

With our next game against a woeful Fulham, having won only 2 games away from home this season, we will expect to go in, grab three points, and go home happy. This isn’t always the case though. Anfield is admirably becoming a small fortress once again, but the constant inconsistency that haunts the reds’ dressing room may creep up once again. Up to now, we have won the games we should be expected to win; we beat stoke in a dramatic season opener, we won against Aston Villa, and we even kept Manchester United at bay, snatching three points in each game. Each of these games, we had a solid 4-3-3 formation. Will Rodgers revert?

It’s not that the 3-5-3 formation has been unsuccessful, but with the pace of the Premier League, can it really be a viable situation? With the form of Kolo Touré falling short, we can expect to see Daniel Agger come in and replace him. We will most likely also see the return of the much missed Enrique for Cissoko. Flanagan will also probably be replaced with Johnson, who has returned from illness.

So will we continue with the attacking nature of the 3-5-3? In my opinion, we will; however after the international break (yes, seriously, there is another international break), we may see a familiar 4-3-3 come back. With that said, will Enrique and Johnson remain as wing backs in their mind? After all, it is seemingly tailor made for the Engand international.

What ever happens, we must not become complacent. It leads to inconsistency, which means points dropped, and then we all know the inevitable outcome of that; no European football – something out historic club simply craves. Right now, Rodgers is roaring to go. Same to be said about the squad. Later today, we will see whether we have passed yet another obstacle. If so, I think we may be able to become a recognised threat once again. Retaining faith is extremely important. Bare in mind though, it is Fulham, not Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal. Fulham – but lets not overdose on confidence, or a repeat of the Newcastle fixture could be played up.