Skrtel “I don’t eat nails for breakfast”

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I had a great chat with Martin Skrtel on Friday. Martin, who was speaking at the launch of Need for Speed Rivals on PS4, told me that he was feeling good and had no injury worries. Just a few minutes before I spoke with him The Daily Express had just put out a headline on how he was ‘injured’ during training. Something Martin laughed out saying it was nothing and he 100% fine.

Liverpool Defender Martin Skirtel 30th November 2013 Picture By Mark Robinson.

We talked about the good start to the Liverpool season and asked Martin what was the main difference from this season to last season. He explained that the fact we had a new manager, new trainers and a new style last season made it hard until everyone got used to it. Now that the squad has settled the fruits of the hard work can be seen.

Of course Martin has had an exceptional start to the season and he even scored a goal against Fulham three weeks ago, when asked how he felt about scoring after a year he replied “Very nice feeling, as a defender you don’t get to score many goals so when you do it is always very special”.

I have always wondered if players see stuff that is posted about them on the web so I did ask him about a particular cartoon on the web which shows him eating nails for breakfast. The cartoon was created by @kitster29LFC


Martin of course laughed as he had seen it and I followed it up with “So what do you have for breakfast?”. “Not nails” he replied, “I usually have brown toast and scrambled egg with some cereal”.

Sticking to the humourous note I asked him what his favourite Liverpool banner was (I knew what his answer was going to be).

Martin Skrtel's favourite banner.
Martin Skrtel’s favourite banner.

Yep :-) The famous Burger King Big Mac banner from Wembley was his answer.

We then turned our attention to Twitter and I asked Martin when he will be joining?
Martin did say that he has no plans at this point as he not a big fan of Twitter and social media however he did leave the door open “Maybe someday, you never know”.

Focusing back on football I asked him who was the toughest opponent he ever faced. He did say that the Premier League has some very tough players and he rates them all highly however from his international duty a certain Zinedine Zidane stands out.

Liverpool have played only six games during the months of October and November combined, I asked Martin on how does the squad prepare when now then have to play seven games in the month of December alone. He did admit that it was a very hard schedule especially with two of those games being against Chelsea and Manchester City. However the entire squad is working very hard to prepare for the festive season.

When asked about Liverpool’s chances of a top four finish Martin is convinced that we will qualify for the Champions League and again he spoke how the entire squad is working very hard to achieve this goal.

And finally I asked him about the game on Sunday against Hull and Martin did admit that it is not going to be easy as it is at any away ground in the Premier League. However he also added that they are determined to take all three points on Sunday.

Liverpool Defender Martin Skirtel 30th November 2013 Picture By Mark Robinson.

Martin Skrtel was speaking at the launch of Need for Speed Rivals. The latest instalment in the ever-popular franchise is the only driving game launching on PS4. Need for Speed Rivals is also available on Xbox One and all other formats. Watch the trailer here and let the rivalry commence!

Need for Speed
Need for Speed Rivals