What to do if Suarez Leaves

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By @Daniel_gutman

This is a possibility ‘Pool fans dread. Their talismanic and controversial striking sensation Luis Suarez switching their club for another. There was speculation he would leave, to the point that Suarez himself requested to leave the club, but with Real buying Bale instead (that’s where he wanted to go) as well as Gerrard apparently convincing him to stay, Suarez found himself back at Anfield. But his days may still be numbered. Rumours are that Real are planning a January swoop for the forward. But the sale of Suarez does not spell doom for Liverpool. So here are 3 things to do if Suarez leaves.

1. Buy a Suarez-esque striker- the magic of Suarez is that he can single handedly change the outcome of a match. Whether it’s a rocket of a shot after dribbling around the entire back line, a finesse after a breakaway, or a set piece goal, you never know what to expect from the forward. He can create everything out of nothing. There are very, very few like him, and Liverpool would do well to purchase somebody similar. Diego Costa, Mario Balotelli, Ibrahimovic or Falcao are a few of this rare breed of forward, and one Liverpool would do well to have.

2. Potentially shift focus to Sturridge: if the purchase of a striker like Suarez does not materialise, then buying a capable replacement that does not require being the centre of the team and shifting focus to Sturridge may be Liverpool’s best bet. With the young forward progressing in leaps and bounds, he soon can be the main striker for practically any team in the world. He has shown over the past year what he can do and has rewarded fans with goals. Although the is not one thought of when you think of a rampaging forward, he is tough and can hold his own next to most strikers in the world around his age.

3. Invest in the rest of the squad: with Suarez most likely commanding a €50+ million transfer fee, even if a replacement striker is bought, money will still be left over. Put that together with the fact that Liverpool are by no means a poor club, and you can invest in the rest of the squad. Bringing in a central midfielder would be a top priority. There is plenty of depth at the front and the back, but the midfield is lacking. Gerrard and Leiva can not be counted on to stay healthy the whole season, and neither of them have stayed healthy all of the current season. So bringing reinforcements for the midfield would be a good idea even if Suarez doesn’t leave. Liverpool have reportedly been eying Will Hughes from Derby County, but he is too young and inexperienced to be fully relied on in case of an injury crisis. A club trying to break into the top 4 for the first time in a few years needs a ready player. Turan from Atletico, Verrati from PSG, or Ivan Rakitic from Sevilla could all work.