Aspas …. Time to shine?

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Iago Aspas is a curious one. His record as a player who creates and scores goals is there for all to see. This is the man who singlehandedly kept Celta Vigo in La Liga last season. At a shade over £7m and the backing of some highly regarded Spanish pundits, it seemed we had indeed secured a ‘coup’ of a signing, Brendan Rodgers had signed the next ‘Coutinho’ for a relatively small fee, exactly what FSG wanted, minimal outlay, chance of a bigger return, in time.

In pre-season, Aspas did well, well enough for many LFC fans to be very positive on forums about what he could bring to the team this season. He scored a few goals, linked well with the midfield and looked to have genuine quality. Everyone was clamoring to say well done Brendan Rodgers, we have signed a rough diamond from under the noses of many other clubs.

Then the season started and something changed, bullied by closer marking in the Premier League, little time on the ball and lacking chances, Aspas looked out of his depth. Over the first few games of the season, he started to lose his confidence and drift out of games almost completely. Eventually he was dropped and got injured, maybe at the right time, it’s given him the opportunity to settle on Merseyside and get out of the firing line.

So what’s next for Iago Aspas? He is more than likely to start through the middle against Oldham. Is this his last chance to show he can do something in a Liverpool shirt? He needs a goal that’s for certain. This game provides Aspas with the chance to break his duck, have a good game and build some confidence. He needs to take this chance, take it with both hands and deliver.

If he doesn’t then I believe he will drift into obscurity at Liverpool, sold at a fraction of his original value back to Spain. He can take his opportunity or be cast onto the same pile as Dundee, Clough, Meijer and Diouf to name but a few, who as strikers, just failed miserably to deliver the goods on a regular basis.

Over to you Iago, the spotlight is right on your head, what have you got?

By Chris Hutchins.