Fans Want Players, Not Airline Deals

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On the eve of battle, when Liverpool fans and players alike are concentrating on the prospect of the most mouthwatering derby in years, it is easy to forget that there are only two days left in this January transfer market.

Having lost out on the signing of Mohamed Salah (apparently “the Egyptian Messi”) and previously Mkhitaryan and Eriksen in the last window, it is becoming tiresome to read about Liverpool F.C’s new partnerships with doughnut corporations.

Representatives for Mohamed Salah revealed that a potential deal for the winger was dragged out over a number of months and lasted “too long”. Chelsea meanwhile, wasted little time in contacting the club and agreeing a fee up front. Ian Ayre and his associates wasted time penny pinching, while Abramovitch threw down hard cash on the negotiating table.

I am not for one minute suggesting that bargaining for players and deals with global cash cows aren’t necessary.

Dunkin Donuts, Wasting Time

Liverpool need these kinds of deals to keep up with the mega-rich clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea and to boost funds to remain competitive. My only concern is that Liverpool have squandered what little time they have had in fear of overpaying for another Andy Carroll. In football you speculate to accumulate. Chelsea had their fingers burnt with Fernando Torres, but were reward

ed in their persistence when they signed Eden Hazard.

The cold, hard truth now is that Liverpool need to spend more to distance themselves from Everton, Spurs and Manchester United. These teams are gathering momentum and the race for fourth place is getting even more competitive.