Liverpool set for a US Summer trip

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Although not official yet it is looking very likely that Liverpool will be playing friendlies in the US this Summer.

The games will be part of a tournament called the Guinness International Champions Cup, if the format is the same as it was last year the Reds will also play a 4th game in Miami on August 3rd or 4th.
Opponents include Olympiacos, AC Milan and Manchester City however Manchester United, AS Roma and Real Madrid are also part of the same tournament and could also play Liverpool in Miami.
Last year the tournament was set up so all the clubs participating ended up playing a game in Miami with a final, 3rd & 4th place, 5th & 6th place and 7th & 8th place games.

Unfortunately for fans in the West Coast of the US they seem to miss out again as all the games will be held in the Eastern part of the country with Chicago being the most western city the Reds will visit.

July 26th : Olympiacos vs Liverpool
Chicago, IL

July 30th : AC Milan vs Liverpool
Philadelphia, PA

Aug 2nd : Liverpool vs Manchester City
Charlotte, NC

August 3rd or August 4th 
Liverpool vs TBD
Miami, FL

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