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That was exhilarating. Sublime. Swashbuckling.Unbelievable. Fantastic. That’s it. I’ve run out of adjectives. Help me out with more in the comments! We scored five, but we could have scored SO many more! Suarez hitting the post, Hendo’s dink over Sczezny that went wide, Sterling missing two chances to beat the goalkeeper, Suarez’s free kick that caught everyone except an alert Sczezny out! That means 10. TEN. We could have scored TEN goals at Anfield against the league leaders!


This wasn’t just like the Liverpool of old. This was a brand new Liverpool with their own unique and devastating counter-attacking style. Credit goes to all the players, but more importantly, to the manager. All around the team, there are examples of his brilliant man management and coaching skills. Skrtel, Flanagan, Henderson, Gerrard, Sturridge, Coutinho, Suarez and Sterling have all benefited from it. I would not be able to fit our attacking fearsome foursome of Sturridge, Suarez, Sterling and Coutinho into the starting eleven even on Football Manager! Playing Coutinho in the number 10 yesterday and shifting Suarez out wide was a masterstroke. And oh, remember when we thought set pieces were useless for Liverpool? Good times, eh? With Gerrard, Coutinho and Suarez, our set piece delivery is now more lethal than ever!

As Brendan Rodgers said post-game, let’s not worry about a title challenge or the race for a Champions League spot. Let’s talk about winning as many points as we possibly can. We might have just dismantled a team that has been at the summit of the Premier League for almost all of this season, but it will count for nothing if we don’t get all three points against Fulham in midweek.

Based on this though, I can NOT wait to see Liverpool dismantling teams in the Champions League next season! Fingers crossed!

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