Should Glen Johnson Be a Right Back?

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Glen Johnson is currently Liverpool’s main Right Back, but my question is should he play there?

In my opinion Johnson would play a lot better at right wing. He is known as the attacking fullback around the KOP as he darts up the wing attempting to make chance or have a sneaky shot. But i reckon he is better as a attacking player more than a defensive player, as to recent dates he has been very sloppy, therefore opposite teams attacking on that side of the pitch and creating chances at goal. I think with Johnson becoming a attacking player it would give Martin Kelly a run in the first team, therefore benefiting Kelly as he will gain more confidence and experience. I highly rate Kelly as a player, but if we don’t play him he will find it hard to get better and therefore we are wasting a great talent.  Kelly is only 23 at the moment, this means he has plenty of time to gain knowledge and improve his game. When we had Andy Carroll we never started him and that made his confidence worst and he wasn’t able to develop as a player, and now look at him at West Ham, Scoring and Assisting goals as he has been given a starting place amongst his team. So it is vital we let certain individuals develop and get first team football. The only problem with my idea is the fact that Rodgers is playing Sterling on the wing, recently sterling has been playing superb on the wing and deserves his first team spot, but in my opinion Johnson could challenge for this place therefore making Sterling work harder and that leading to sterling giving everything he’s got in games.


What attributes has Johnson got?

Johnson has been known for his incredible Left foot when cutting in from the wing and shooting. This has lead to a few goals in the past, and if put on the wing he is able to do this on a more regular basis. He is not only good on the edge of the box, but is good at close range. He gained this as a youngster when he used to play upfront, therefore he has already some striking knowledge and skills. Also Johnson knows how a defender thinks as he himself is one. This means Johnson knows how the defender is going to try tackle him, letting Johnson be able to counter him. Johnson is also known for his good crosses, which we have seen in numerous matches where he has created chances for his team mates. Another ability he has is speed, he is a very pacy runner and can outrun many players on the pitch, this will help him with his crossing and also give him more time to have shots if he can run into open space.


Overall I think Johnson has all the attributes to play on the wing, and would much rather him play there as he is to consistent on the wing, also this gives players who can develop to be better than Johnson a chance to play fullback and gain knowledge and ability.


Whats Your Opinion?


Tom Owen