SAS: The Best Partnership Liverpool Have Ever Had FINAL

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Stars’ style is better than the rest.
Over the course of the past 20 years since the Premier League’s inception, Liverpool have been lucky to house some truly incredible strikers, and furthermore, incredible strike partnerships.
Since the days of Ian Rush the Reds have witnessed the likes of Robbie Fowler, Stan Collymore, Michael Owen, Emile Heskey (ahem), Milan Baros (AHEM), and Fernando Torres all pass through the gates of Anfield and onto the hallowed turf. All have come good at various points, but none more so than the club’s current pairing of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge.
It’s a partnership that Sturridge has previously described as “almost telepathic” and following Sunday’s 4-3 victory over Swansea, in which Suarez laid on the Englishman’s second goal, he may just have a point.
It would be easy to point out that the pair have yet to win anything with the club yet, and this season is likely to be no different now as the two cup competitions have gone out the window and the Premier League title looks to slip further and further away.
However, the club are still needing to take small steps to restoring glories, careful not to overshoot on one aspect and fall short elsewhere. Next season’s Champions League is well within reach, especially since Spurs faltered at Spurs against Norwich, meaning that they will need to win at Anfield in order to keep up with the pack above them.
But with Suarez and Sturridge leading the line they are in the best possible shape, and if Champions League football is what Suarez really wants then a top four finish would be enough to retain his service for another year at least.
Former Reds legend John Barnes recently hit out at critics who claimed that they were not a classic strike partnership by insisting that that is a good thing!
“They are not going to be a classic partnership because they are very individual,” he said.
And it is that individuality that leads to unpredictability; not in form, but in movement, positioning and countering. Everybody can see that the two can play and work together, but that sense of self allows them to operate equally with or without each other.
As the state of the game continues to change this is vital, teams must be adaptable to any given situation now and the fact that they are top class player will only help the club’s cause.
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