It is time to Remember and Believe

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By Jim:

The league is definitely taking another twist, we are in for the title. yes!

Walking down the memory lane, 08/09 saw the Mancs snatching it away from us by four points, because we conceded just a few too many draws. Our squad was really paper thin at that time and we were busy trying to get injured players back (by all means) on track. Over and above the injuries of a squad without much depth, both the fans and the players were forced to adjust to the policy of the then two owners of the club. Yet, we were thrashing the Mancs at their own den. We were fighting on the champions league front at the same time. Chelsea and its billion dollar armada was beaten at Anfield.

At the end when we came out second, Gerrard said: ‘…we can win it within the coming 5 years…’ these few words of Gerrard are still echoing the rhythm and beats of hope in my heart.

That time has come! the five years journey irrespective of the outcome, will soon lapse…That time has come for us not to commit the same mistake of 2008/2009! No more draws in easy-to-win matches!

That pressure will turn into motivation if we ponder on how we missed the title in 2008/2009.
I think we are on our way now! Let’s WALK ON WITH OUR HEAD HIGH and exorcise 2008/2009… because there’ll never be a better chance…let’s not miss it this time!