Liverpool Set For Golden New Era Under Brendan Rodgers

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Reds to reach for the skies once more.

It may have been quietly done, without much pomp and ceremony, and with nary a penny spent on a truly world class name, but Liverpool are on the verge of kicking off a brand new golden age under Brendan Rodgers that looks set to put the club back amongst the pack at the top of the table.

It would have been easy to sneer when the Ulsterman took over from Swansea just over 18 months ago – ‘he’s had one year in the Premier League, what does he know?’

As it turns out; quite a lot.

Putting that bizarre Channel 5 documentary aside, which was nothing more than a PR back scratch, the 41-year-old has barely put a foot wrong, and has proved this season just what a shrewd operator he actually is.

Beginning with his dealing of the Suarez debacle over the summer, he made sure that the Uruguayan knew who was in charge without letting his head drop, ensuring that he would be firing on all cylinders and ready to form the league’s deadliest partnership with the equally impressive Daniel Sturridge.

But as well as a blistering attack, when injuries haven’t struck the side have had a strong core that is ripe for building around with the likes of Mignolet, Skrtel, Gerrard and Henderson have all kept proceedings ticking along when those around them have dipped in and out.

It’s not all perfect, though, and there are weaknesses, but Rodgers will no doubt already know what these are and will strive to correct them in the summer. The defence needs some serious work, and injuries have ravaged the midfield at times, leaving no room to reshape and retool when it’s been needed.

However, there is still hope for success this season with the club being far from out of the running for the title. It may still be slightly far-fetched, but with the drubbing of Manchester United (make that three wins out of three this season) and Chelsea slipping up at the top, Rodgers’ revolution may just kick up a notch a little earlier than everyone expected.

Rodgers is on the right track, and with some smart investment at the end of the season, it might not even take that much, the club can look forward to a title challenge every year as well as the welcome return of Champions League football to Anfield.

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