Istanbul – Extended Version

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Following Liverpool’s rampant 4-0 victory over Spurs at Anfield this afternoon (which – just a reminder – makes it 9-0 Liverpool in this season’s two games against Tottenham), City’s draw to Arsenal and Chelsea’s defeat to Crystal Palace, the Reds find themselves in, what just a year ago seemed like a long forgotten, situation. Six games remain and because Liverpool are due to play City at home, if Brendan Rodgers’ men can keep their cool for six more games the Premier League title will finally find its way to Anfield.


If Flanno was excited  after his goal, imagine his arousal upon lifting the trophy…

Tim Sherwood was bold enough to claim that Liverpool was a “one man team” ahead of today’s game. It was horrible to see him proved right as Jordan Luis Kaboutinho scored four goals to defeat Tottenham. In all seriousness though, the way Liverpool are playing at the moment is world class in every perspective. Pace, power and ruthlessness characterize the Liverpool way this season and being on top of the table at the end of March makes even a very careful dreamer like myself drift away into thoughts of seeing Steven Gerrard lifting the trophy. Even though the defense is (still) instable at times, we are seeing more and more clean sheets and our prolific attacking play always seems to make up for defensive mistakes one way or another, and we have an absolute beast in Simon Mignolet between the posts. Still, nothing is won yet. We still have very difficult games ahead but as long as we have a fit team and continue to play the way we are at the moment I cannot see any team stopping us.

The Seeing is Believing ad covered the Liverpool jerseys today, which was very telling of this campaign.  540 minutes remain of the season and everything is in our own hands. This is 540 minutes of Istanbul ladies and gentlemen, 540 minutes that require complete and utter devotion, 540 minutes of war.

Kopites, we dare dream again. Anything is possible for those who believe.

by @CMMagnusson