Do They Feel Stupid Now?

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United fans have mocked us for years now how the fallen giants will not return to former glory, oh how the tables have turned. This year has seen the sleeping giant in a resurgent effort to potentially become 2013/14 premier league winners with an unbelievable effort by a team who has been brandished as a mid table side without Luis Suarez according to Gus Poyet who managers a lowly Sunderland with sour grapes.

It is so sudden how things can change as we found out and how United fans have found out proving that not all managerial choices are the best for any given club. In one instance we had a club legend like Kenny in charge who may not have been the correct choice at the time but, he did however set some standards for the Rodgers side of today. In complete contrast the United side had already been on the decline for many years now with players ageing and being brought out of retirement, so much for the youth policy at United. With no disregard for the United players with experience they were being wasted in roles which could be shared with a younger deputy who they could set an example for, seeing them through for years to come after their departure. Fergie never really prepared the side for his departure probably picking the correct time to press the ejector seat button knowing that his and the clubs nightmare were about to become a reality. The chosen one was thrown into the job right at the deep end with such a monumental hole in the club being left and with the old boss leaving, so did the United we are used to seeing and most importantly the fear factor. Clubs are now playing Manchester United and thinking that they can win. Old Trafford was like a Colosseum, whoever played their knew they would have done well to come out a live especially escaping with a point or in most cases victims of Fergie time.

With such a prestigious club like Manchester United everyone knew that there demise would be hilarious to all those by standers who for years lived in fear of that very fixture they now mark on the calendar as an assured 3 points. In a role reversal teams are just looking at the fixture list praying that they haven’t got Liverpool next and aren’t seeing such devastating attacking displays on Match of the day that evening reliving every moment. Possible one of my all time favorite Liverpool banners ‘ The carefully chosen one’ is just one of countless digs at United and the joke of a side they have showing that any sides time at the top is limited and needs to be appreciated.