Liverpool Win Would Prove Money Doesn’t Always Buy Success

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Liverpool Win Would Prove Money Doesn’t Always Buy Success


It’s far from done and dusted, but a Liverpool title win would be so good for modern football that is being driven by money more than ever before. The rich are getting richer and more often than not combined with success.


Chelsea have enjoyed much success since Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich financially backed the London club and more recently Manchester City have improved dramatically by having plenty of money to buy quality players with.


Liverpool are a big club but they don’t have the financial clout of some of their rivals and this makes their title challenge all the more remarkable. They have a tremendous manager in Brendan Rodgers who has improved players already at the club combined with introducing some talented youngsters into the first team.


Liverpool have also made a few shrewd signings to improve their squad, players like Coutinho and Sturridge have been key additions in a team that has players willing to work for each other and play such attractive football that also wins games.


A title win would give other teams hope that you don’t need to be mega-rich to win the title.