Why I Hate Buses

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My respect for Jose Mourinho has gone out of the window with that last performance against Liverpool. We all know Chelsea have an array of Attacking talents many teams would dream of having; Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Schurrle to name a few which is only part of the reason I do not understand Jose Mourinho. I have spoken to several Chelsea fans who have said recent performances against Atletico Madrid and Liverpool have been outstanidng? to which I responded “you enjoy watching your team be completely outclassed by footballing talent and sitting in wait for the other team to attack”. Responses varied from “we won, didn’t we” and “The game panned out as we planned” responses such as these are one of many, many reasons I have a strong dislike for Chelsea and everything they are about.

The term parking the bus could never be more apparent, sitting in wait for 90 minutes is just a complete waste of Abramovich’s money, he would have found it a lot cheaper to spend the money he did on the players above on defenders, which they seem to be now. Understandable this was a good result for Chelsea but as a Liverpool fan, you would think they would show the respect to play against us toe to toe.

As a final word, I wish Mr Mourinho all the best in getting knocked out of the Champions League and coming third in the league.