If They’re Going To Do It, Let’s Make Them Do It

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As a tool predominantly associated with teenagers and the nosey spying on old classmates, Facebook gets a mixed reception from the general public.

Some label it a waste of time, others an important tool to remain in contact with friends and family. For all of the ‘life lesson’ messages that appear on the social media site, some of which make you more nauseas than thinking of the night you were conceived, there was one I recently saw that might not be a bad inclusion in Brendan Rodgers team talk come Monday evening.

The picture showed a digger clearing out a mine, stopping as he lies seconds away from a load of diamonds that would change his life for the better. The caption reads, ‘don’t ever give up on your dreams, you never know how close you are to achieving them.’

Despite being extremely corny, it’s an almost perfect message to this Liverpool side with two games of the season remaining.

Man City’s win at Goodison Park yesterday put them back in the driving seat for the Premier League title, leaving Liverpool needing favours off Aston Villa and/or West Ham.

Having led the league for a number of weeks, the thought of being overthrown at such a late stage could have a damming psychological effect on the players, let alone the supporters.

Hearing Brendan Rodgers proclaim how the pressure isn’t getting to his players a number of times in recent weeks, it will perhaps be on Monday when we see how true this statement is. It may not even be a psychological matter, rather one of attitude.

Had Man City dropped points at Goodison the confidence and belief in the squad would have rose significantly in the build up to kick off against Crystal Palace. That they won could leave a few players feeling a tad downbeat on Monday night, fearing they face an uphill task to deliver the ultimate prize.

This Liverpool team has, however, already achieved its primary goal by securing Champions League football for next season so can play in a relaxed manner.

Despite this, the overriding message from Rodgers should be along the lines of; if they’re going to win it, let’s make them win it.

The worst thing to happen would be for Liverpool not to play the game they’ve been admired for due to a perceived belief that all is lost.

A win at Selhurst Park would put the pressure back on Man City to get maximum points from, what are, winnable home games. Despite being in this position before, you never know what pressure can do to a group of players, experienced ones or not.

Before our home game against Man City in April, the official website interviewed a City fan on the upcoming fixture. His comment that, after our defeat at the Etihad on Boxing Day, there was relief that it seemed we were out of the title picture speaks volumes of the fear that we can put into teams, even when we’re not playing them.

Man City may well be thinking along those lines following their Goodison win. It’s now our job to surprise them once again.

By Michael Williams – @mikewilliams05

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