Well that’s that then?

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So Liverpool got a wake up call and an ass-whooping at the same time. Go figure. I didn’t watch the match, personal issues dictates on this occasion and how glad I am that, that were the case.

Part of me is gutted because it looks as if the dream is over – at least for the moment. Part of me is proud because nobody expected the team to do this well this season and they should be congratulated for some of the best footy LFC has played in god only knows how long. Part of me is angry. Angry at the defence. Angry that the team couldn’t do better. Angry because I knew… I just knew two things. One, I knew Crystal Palace would give us a very rude awakening, simply because their that kind of team. Two, because I knew the defence would be our undoing this season. I’ve written that so often and, like a father tells his errant son and hates to do so: “I told you so”.

I checked the score after an hour and saw 0-3. Even I, like the players was stupid enough to think it was game over. Against a team like Palace and a manager like Tony Pulis, it’s never over until the whistle blows. No wonder Luis Suarez was in tears at the final whistle. You can’t blame the man. Just like that little bit of luck, where the hell is your defence when you need it? I’ve since seen the goals the team conceded and “Shocking” would be a compliment for what I’ve seen. “Shambles” would be high praise. “Terrible defendin'” would be Hanson-esque. The whole thing just beggars belief. This morning, I felt as if someone has smacked me over the head and knicked my wallet with my last fiver. Completely mugged off! I felt that bad.

So where does that leave us now? My friends call me a blind optimist, and I’m afraid I’m going to prove them right… Again. There’s still one game to play and, even though it looks impossible for Manchester City to throw the title away in as spectacular a fashion as Liverpool have, stranger things have happened. You just never know what’s around the corner so I’m not going to apply for the Liverpool Manager’s job out of frustration, anger and despair (again) yet. I’m going to sit this one out.

I’m going to stick by these boys. I’m going to get behind the team, the manager and everyone connected with Liverpool Football Club. Because like our song says: You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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