Are you ready for Showdown Sunday #LFC (@BeastTimeVIP)

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So a lot of critics have said Manchester City are champions, A draw or win against West Ham United and that would be correct but when it’s mathematically possible that Liverpool can win the league then it’s possible.. simple as that. I’m sure Sunday will be a very nervous time for both Man City and Liverpool but in the realism of things Manchester City can be more relaxed knowing a draw will do. I’m going to say what if…so take it as a what if, so what if  West Ham United do get a result and Liverpool do beat Newcastle United, how would the press react? , how would we the Liverpool fans react? and how would other team supporters react?, These are all based on the what if. West Ham winning against Man City is considered a miracle but in all honesty I don’t see that as a miracle , West Ham can give anyone a game when they play well and I also expect them to play a more attacking approach compared to Aston Villa. As for our Liverpool, we just need to go out on Sunday and play to our best ability for the fans, manager and owner, Don’t be disappointed if winning the league doesn’t happen because we have achieved great things this season, we have finished in the top four and have secured a return to the UEFA Champions League which at the end of the day was our aim and anything beyond is a huge bonus. Personally I’d love us to win the Premier League on Sunday but I know it’s not in our hands and you know that aswell.

Are you ready for a Sunday of ups and downs?

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