Luis Suarez

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Luis Suarez. Banned again for biting. Will again miss the start of Liverpool’s season. This time though it is to be a bigger chunk with the ban for “4 months from all football activity.” Yet Liverpool can sell him should they wish. That though is not the only thing that comes across as very hypocritical by FIFA.

There is no defending what Suarez did. Absolutely no way whatsoever. Especially as he got banned for the exact same thing a year ago. But FIFA have such double standards. He is banned from all football activity for four months, yet Liverpool can sell him. FIFA, by implementing this four month ban have in turn banned him for a good chunk of Liverpool’s start to the season, but Liverpool cannot appeal it in any way shape or form. The reason given for this is that the ban relates to an event that occurred “in a match in a tournament that was organised by FIFA,” yet apparently for some reason that escapes me completely, they (FIFA), have the right to ban him from Liverpool matches. These matches in tournaments that are NOT organised by FIFA. Double standards.

So what are Liverpool’s options? Should they keep relying on someone who keeps missing chunks of seasons through being banned for completely erratic behaviour. Or should they just cut their losses and take the reported Barcelona offer of Alexis Sanchez plus cash for him.

It’s a tricky one. The reason for that is because when all said and done, Luis Suarez is one of the best players in the world. And when he does eventually return, whoever he is playing for at that time, it wont take him long to get back into the swing of things. If he was to go to Barcelona though, at least Liverpool would not have to face him at all, unless they were to meet them in the champions league. Liverpool though would still be a very good team, it’s just a case of how much they would miss Suarez. Of course they would be a worse team for him not being in it, but he’s not going to be in that team for a good two months at the beginning of the season anyway. The Liverpool team dealt with him being banned at the beginning of last season very well too, and since the beginning of Brendan Rodgers’ reign, when Suarez has not been in the team, Liverpool have won seven and only lost one game when he’s not in the team.

Personally, as a Liverpool fan, I am actually moving more towards the sell him option. We’d receive great money and a great player in return. Money to rebuild and move on, and we can stop relying on a player that just keeps on getting banned, and is like a ticking time bomb when it comes to doing something stupid. Yes Liverpool may appear weaker without him, but I really think if the right players are bought in to add numbers and improve the squad in a season where Liverpool are back in the Champions League, then they can still challenge.

Luis Suarez is a great player, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses. His bans mean you can’t rely on him, and on that basis, he is about as reliable as my local bus service. No player is bigger than Liverpool football club. We moved on from Fernando Torres, and we will move on from Luis Suarez. Brendan Rodgers is a great manager and we have a great young squad, with tons of potential that almost realised their dreams last season. And I have no doubt that it wont be long before they do.