If you are Brendan Rodgers what would you do? (by @manofthekop)

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In recent years I have had criticisms of managers tactics (zonal marking) and the amount of cash spent on below quality players. I think everyone has had the thought that if they could be the gaffa what they would do different and what they would say.

Firstly lets talk about Suarez, personally I think the time is right to sell, the quality of him in the premier league is unmatched but with the 4 month ban and the fact that we will lose money if we wait because he isn’t getting any younger. The money being mentioned I believe to be acceptable. (£72million) If he wants to go it is hard to stop him, another bite and the English F.A will throw the book at him. I hope it is not true but at every opportunity that he wants to leave a bite seems to happen. (Ajax -Liverpool. Liverpool-Arsonal and now Liverpool-Barcalona.) I believe it will be a lot less pressure on the club to get rid now. The big down size is obviously his huge amount of talent. Like the Red men tv said “nothing will ruin the reputation of the club more than being shit.” Luis Suarez is a huge help to getting us moving in the right direction. When he finally does go he will be truly missed by the club and Kopites.


The replacement for Suarez will most likely come from 20 year old Lazar Markovic, more of a winger than a striker the younge Serbian has been impressive for Benfica last season helping them win the Europa League title.

Marković made his debut for Benfica in 2–1 win against Gil Vicente, scoring a goal at the 92nd minute that drew the game. In the third game against Sporting at Alvalade, Marković scored the equalizing goal after an extraordinary dribble past three players, as the match ended in a 1–1 draw.

In injury time of Benfica’s Europa League semi-final second leg against Juventus, Marković was sent off for a fight with his opponent Mirko Vučinić. Neither were on the field of play at the time, Marković having been substituted and Vučinić still on the substitutes bench. He therefore missed the final through suspension.

I know very little about this player but the more i hear about him the more i want him. These comments from Avram Grant make me think he will be Suarez replacemnt. “I can say that apart from Ronaldo and Messi, Markovic is one of the best talents I’ve ever seen at 19 years of age,” said Grant.


My favourette who we have been linked with has to be Origi, The tall winger/striker looks like a Lukaku type player who has replaced him for Belgium as the first choice CF. Reports coming in are saying that Origi has come to Melwood to have a look around and speak to Brendan Rodgers, a fee with Lille has been agreed and even the finances with the player has been agreed but no medical has been booked because Origi hasnt officially made up his mind what club he wants to go to.

A picture has been revealed with reports saying Origi was meeting with BR.


With the addition of Ricky Lambert, Lilana and Can we seem to be building a strong squad and even though we cant replace Suarez because of the lack of available talent out ther we are putting a good attacking squad. Brendan Rodgers seems to be getting it right for me but it is hard to tell with not knowing alot about Can, Origi and Markovic. Reports today have come in saying that we are making a £20 million move for Bony. Another proven premier league player who can get us goals would be welcome to me and again the price seems fair.

Please let me know your opinion on the transfers so far and if you are BR what would you do different?

I would love to hear from someone who has seen alot more of Markovic and knows about his attitude?

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