Replacing Suarez is not a priority for Liverpool

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So, now the inevitable has happened and Luis Suarez has been sold, focus turns to his replacement. Or, if popular opinion is to be believed, “replacements“. The Bleacher Report claims It only makes sense for Rodgers to seek quantity…” when talking about replacing Suarez. This, for anyone with a clue about Liverpool, or indeed just football knows, is complete Shite! Whether it be with one, or six players , Brendan Rodgers’ priority is at the other end of the team.

It’s imperative that Rodgers looks to bring two or three quality defenders. His’ wish to “go one better next season” is simply a pipe dream otherwise. Liverpool didn’t fail to win their 19th League title through a lack of goals, but through poor, shambolic and at times, comedic defending. Their goal difference of 51 was 14 worse than Manchester City’s at 65. This is where the side fell short, and if this obsession with Luis Suarez and his replacement(s) continues, then that’s where they’ll fall short next season too.

Southampton’s’ Dejan Lovren and Steven Caulker from Cardiff have been mentioned in central defence. Both would be decent additions, in particular Lovren who besides being better statistically, also has more international experience than Caulker. With Champions League footy beckoning, this gives him the edge in my opinion.

At left  back Ben Davies and Alberto Moreno are reported targets, and either one would provide competition for fit-again Jose Enrique who I believe should remain first choice in the position subject to fitness. Either way, shoring up the back line should be Liverpool’s priority. Liverpool had the top scorer at both ends of the pitch last season. Martin Skrtel with four own goals made sure of that record.

Suarez leaving can only be a good thing for Liverpool. Besides the fact that the Uruguayan acted like a complete tool on occasion (say no more), for footballing reasons Brendan Rodgers can now focus on building a team rather than playing to the strengths of just one player. This is key. The noises about Rodgers looking to recruit Loic Remy from QPR or Swansea’s Wilfried Bony are welcome. Both of those would make the LFC a stronger proposition than they were last season. They certainly don’t need both, this is for sure.

Now that Liverpool are “wedged-up” from the sale of their prized striker, it would be suicidal for Rodgers to jump into the transfer market and splash out on a load of players like a kid in a sweetshop. Or like Tottenham Hotspur after selling Gareth Bale, if you prefer. They simply need to replace the likes of Iago Aspas, Luis Alberto and likely, Lucas Leiva. Perhaps Daniel Agger also. All of which is evident with the captures of Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana, Lazar Marković and Emre Can. The team just needs a couple of defenders now and then concentrate on integrating them into the team for next season. However, sorting the defence out should have been the boss’s first port of call.

Over the years, I’ve seen some many players come and go for Liverpool. Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen, Ian Rush, John Barnes, Peter Beardsley. The list goes on… All of whom have been replaced and in future such players, will continue to be be replaced. Was Suarez a better player than Barnes, Beardsley or Rush. Most definitely not in my opinion. Not for the team. He may have been a better individual but Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Ltd. has never been about that. They’ve never had success with that and perhaps not winning the title last season serves as a reminder as to why this philosophy is correct and was so successful.

To make the last step to success, Liverpool’s task is to get back to the basics. The basics of what the club and the team ethics are all about. Moaning about Suarez and trying to replace him with two or three (probably) average players will not achieve that. I’m glad he’s gone. He was good whilst he was here but all told, probably more trouble than he was worth. A new chapter is around the corner and if we approach it in the right way, we’ll be celebrating this time next year. If not, then last season will be a mere blip.

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