LFC 2014/2015

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By Magnus Löfgren

I have read several comments and felt that I needed to say this:

REUS is just a wet Dream for fans, yes he can replace GERRARD when he quits and yes he will score goals to, but we wont spend that much.

So if BR, or anyone in the staff reads these comments, lets give them some real targets to aim for, please!

Here are my suggestions:

Jonathan Soriano 28 year old forward who plays with FC Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, he is scoring a lot at the moment.

Stefan Kiessling is another forward (30 year) who plays with Bayer Leverkusen and scores a lot right now, he scored 6 goals in the last game…

Cavani and Bony are great, but not Falcao please he cost a lot of money and is injurieproned.

If we want to spend that much, then go for REUS, or DI Maria.

Shurrle 23 year old forward who plays with Chelsea scored last night, so think about him to, he is young and scores…

I belive in our team and feel proud that we made our team bigger, we need that with many Champions League games comming up.

Just get a goalscorer if Sturridge, or Sterling cant play…

Best of luck LFC even though you don’t need it, our team are great and just need to avoid injuries.

Have fun LFC and then you have won no matter what.