#AskHansen former #LFC skipper answers your questions

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Liverpool legend Alan Hansen Answered some questions on Twitter this afternoon.

Alan Hansen


Andrew Larkin ‏@kloppsbeard 

@footballpools do you still believe you won’t win anything with kids? #askhansen

It’s a fact. Even the Man Utd boys say the experienced players helped them through the season. Managers always pick experience over youth. High-level experience in the game is everything.


LFC ‏@ComingUpTheHill 

@footballpools @empireofthekop Are we signing Falcao? #AskHansen

Not a clue.


J. Greenspan ‏@JGreenspanLFC 

@footballpools What are your predictions for the Liverpool’s 2014/2015 campaign? #AskHansen

I think Liverpool will finish top Four and make champions league but there is no doubt Saurez is irreplaceable


Mekaheel ‏@MekaheelGbaja 

@footballpools @empireofthekop #AskHansen we’ve got a young squad this year do you still believe that you’ll never win anything with kids

Forget about experience or kids –you can’t replace Suarez’ talent.


Elaine O’Donnell ‏@laney16ell  

@footballpools how are finding retirement? Are you bored yet?

Love it!


Fakoyejo Abbey ‏@Abbeybony 

#AskHansen who do U think @LFC should go for? Falcao? Cavani? Eto’o?

I don’t care as long as he scores 30 premier league goals a season.


sean south ‏@SouthRaineyj66  

@footballpools @empireofthekop Alan , you’re a pool legend…do u see the glory days at Anfield ever returning ? Please say yes lol .

It will be hard to get where to where LFC were in the 70s and 80s everyone is hoping the current regime will keep improving. It’s been too long since we won the league.


Matt Corkish ‏@NYCMattC  

@footballpools @empireofthekop #askhansen what was your call when it was your ball?

I’d say yours Lawro or yours Tommo.


Z ‏@Zoe__A  

@MikeMurrie @footballpools #askhansen will you marry me?

Ha, ha, ha.


Kirsty ‏@LFCKirstyLFC  

@FootballPools Who was the best defender you ever played against? #AskHansen

The best defender I’ve ever seen was Bobby Moore. I saw him play in 1968 and marvelled at how easy the game was for him.


Toubers ‏@Toubers  

@footballpools Who would you rather be stuck in a lift with for 24 hours and why? @GaryLineker, @AlanShearerFndn or Lawro #AskHansen

Ha, ha none of them!


Z ‏@Zoe__A 

@footballpools #AskHansen If you had a 5-a-side team, who would you have as your teammates? (Past & present players)

Past team: Souness, Dalglish Pele and Maradona – you wouldn’t need a keeper with that side.

Present team: Neuer, Messi, Suarez, Bale, Ronaldo.


Christian Dente ‏@christiandente 

What so do you make of LFC’s apparent Balotelli transfer? Is it positive? @footballpools #AskHansen

He’s a hit and miss player – massive talent, but with every hit and miss player it’s usually a miss.


Emma Lister @Em_24

@footballpools do you think Liverpool are stronger without Suarez? Will they miss him this season? #AskHansen

No can’t possibly be stronger. LFC will 100% miss him.


Franco J Pardini ‏@francojpardini  

@AberfieldPR @footballpools #AskHansen Does he think Super Mario is a good signing for Liverpool?

Ability-wise: unquestioned. Temperament: volatile.



Aberfield PR ‏@AberfieldPR 

Do you think Moyes should have been given more time? Or is van Gaal the right man for the job? @footballpools #AskHansen 

Moyes should have been given more time! He’s the right man if he signs four defenders that can play alongside each other.


Becks Armstrong ‏@BecksArmstrong 

#AskHansen Would you have kept Suarez? Thanks @footballpools

I would have kept him, yeah.


Becks Armstrong ‏@BecksArmstrong 

And one more…#AskHansen Who’s going to win the league? @footballpools


Manchester City – strongest squad of players, been there seen it done it. Chelsea have two areas of concern – CF Costa great at start, average. Centre back JT, if they lose him at any stage they’re in trouble.


Jonathon Richter ‏@JRichterLFC  

@footballpools Sakho and Lovren or Skrtel and Lovren? #AskHansen

Skrtel and Lovren One plays right one plays left which is always a better combination.



In your opinion, how hard is it for a LCB to switch to play RCB?

Extremely difficult, I did it in 89 and it is totally unknown territory


live4Liverpool @live4Liverpool

@footballpools Who are you top 3 Liverpool centre backs of the past 15 years? #AskHansen

Carragher, Hyypia, Agger.


Mike P Willam @Mike_P_Williams

@footballpools Who, in your opinion, is be best centre back in the world right now? #AskHansen

David Luiz… No really, it’s @VincentKompany – he’s the best in the world right now.



@footballpools Would Balotelli be a good move for LFC or too much baggage? #AskHansen

Hopefully not, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


Andrew Larkin @kloppsbeard · 

@footballpools do you believe that arsene wenger regrets not re signing cesc fabregas because I do #askhansen

Well Arsene says no. Man Utd should have signed him, LFC should have signed him. They all should have signed him!


Joseph Roche @joe_roche89 · 

@footballpools #AskHansen Will Scotland make it to France 2016?

Hopefully, Strachan has done an amazing job, but the lack of real quality might cost them.


Saif @saifurv · 

@footballpools how much of a say do u think Brendan has on the Balotelli signing? Given his comment during pre-season tour #AskHansen

For the whole thing to work, Brendan must have a 100% say on the transfer.


Sam Quayle @Samquayle · 

Who’s the best player in the current Scotland squad? #askhansen

The best player, if he’s still fit, is Darren Fletcher. Very underrated.


Saif @saifurv · 

@footballpools If asked, would you consider coming back to LFC joining the coaching team? #AskHansen

Never. I’d never want to be a coach or a manager.


anto @antomc1 · 

#AskHansen Where do u think Liverpool will finish this season?

I’m just hoping they’d finish top four. They’d push for third.


Z @Zoe__A ·

How do you reckon we’ll get on in the champions league this season? #AskHansen @footballpools

It’s important for LFC to do well in the Champions League. The comp, naturally gives everyone a massive lift. But not being involved in the competition for a few years could be a problem.


Mekaheel ‏@MekaheelGbaja  1h

@footballpools @empireofthekop do you think Dejan Lovren is right the right man to stop lfc’s defensive problems #AskHansen

He’s made a good start, but still far too early to say.