Reds fans support little fighter Bartus

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Liverpool fans around the world again unite to help 1-year-old Kopite in his battle against leukaemia.

Little Bartus Waracki from Bielsk Podlaski, Poland was born on the 22nd July 2013 and he was healthy. However couple of weeks later on 9th September Bartus had to come back to the hospital. Doctors’ diagnosis was leukaemia.

Eight months in hospital and chemotherapy devastated Bartus’s health system. The boy’s lucky day came on 1st May 2014 when he finally came back home, but the fear is still with Waracki’s family.

– We have to wait around 5 years to be sure if Bartus have beaten the leukaemia – said Ewelina Waracka, mother of Bartus.

– Our brave boy has a small victory, but we still don’t know if he will be able to defeat leukaemia.

Bartus still needs help and LFC 2014 Fan of the Year Rado Chmiel and his friend Magdalena Spratek decided to help their fellow supporter by creating an English version of Facebook fanpage where they post all the updates about Bartus’s fight against leukaemia.

– Bartus still needs help with treatment and rehabilitation – says Rado.

– Transport to the hospital for regular checks, disinfection stuff costs lots of money and despite Bartus parents effort they are not able to cover all the costs of treatment.

– That’s why we created the Paypal account and English version of his Facebook page to aware the people and put all the recent updates about his health condition – added Magdalena.

– We are also in the middle of organising the charity music event in Liverpool where all the funds from the tickets and charity auctions of football memorabilia will be donated to Bartus and his family. All the details about the event will be on his Facebook page – added Rado.

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