“Living the Dream”

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By: @jaygiblin
Rickie Lambert has just watched Liverpool get beaten convincingly by a mediocre Basel side on a wet Wednesday night in Switzerland. He watched in a stiff boredom as Liverpool were out-passed, out-thought and outplayed. Granted, he came on in the 80th minute with 10 minutes to make his mark. But only footballing legends do something like that. Legends like Mario Balotelli for instance (for those of you who don’t recognise sarcasm, that was the time to snort in derision).

On more than one occasion, I listened, completely bewildered as the Sky Sports commentators described Rickie Lambert’s move to Liverpool as the embodiment of “living the dream”. Of course, you has to take into account that Lambert has supported Liverpool all of his life. But if you asked the man if he would prefer being a star at Southampton or a bench warmer at Liverpool he would never choose the latter. No player of his ability would.

There is no way Mario Balotelli should be starting ahead of Lambert. Balotelli HAS to be dropped from the Liverpool line-up, as does Lazar Markovic. This is not an assault on the players – something which I am completely against – it is a plea to the manager to pick the strongest XI.

We are in a terrible run of form. Balotelli and Borini are selected over a hungry and Liverpool mad Rickie Lambert. I hope he is enjoying living his dream.