Goodbye Captain?

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By @paul__baker

The news that Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard’s contract is due to run out at the end of the season, came as a shock to most Red supporters.

The shocking part of the news, was that the Club had allowed, arguably their only world class player, to get into a situation where he could sign a pre-contract agreement with another team on the 1st of January.

Clubs in Europe and the United States would line up to offer the Reds legend the opportunity to continue his playing career. A move state side would be worth millions to the player, not that money is a motivating factor for him.

Like most top players, Gerrard needs to feel the love and have the confidence that the Club still feels he is important to them. Liverpool Manager Brendan Rogers has been busy in the media this week, talking about how vital Gerrard is to the Club.

With the situation that Liverpool are currently in, the run of poor performances and the large number of new players, most taking far to long to settle into Premier League life, the Reds need him more then ever.

While his legs may not be the same, technically he is still the same player as five years ago. His ability to pick out a pass is still breathtaking. Apart from his presence on the pitch, he is a outstanding leader in the dressing room and a role model for the younger players on the coaching pitches at Melwood.  Against Newcastle on Saturday, Gerrard was the Reds best performer.

A new deal looks to be offered to Stevie sooner rather then later, but he may decide himself to bring the curtain down on his Anfield career and begin a new chapter in the US. The New York Cosmos and LA Galaxy have been reportedly shown an interest in signing him.

This could be the right move at the right time. No Liverpool supporter wants to see Gerrard fall too far from his own high personal standards. That would be too much for the Kop to cope with.

Hopefully a decision will be made soon and it will suit all parties. One thing is certain, Reds fans may not see a player of his quality for a long time to come!