Liverpool is the most loved team in the country by non-Liverpool supporters

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After last Wednesday’s defeat and a big match against Chelsea today, there is never a better time for fans to be on Liverpool’s side. William Hill has discovered that Liverpool Football Club is the most loved club in England with most (12%) football fans choosing it as their second club. In contrast Everton, Liverpool’s fiercest rivals, were one of the least desirable clubs with just under 5% of football fans supporting them after their first club.

Arsenal was the most popular second team in the south with just over 7% of all football fans supporting them as their number two. For both Liverpool and Arsenal 47% suggest that their tactics and strategy are the main reason people watch them as a second team.

Out of the 2000 people surveyed about the clubs they supported outside of the UK, 26% backed Barcelona and 45% suggested La Liga was the most exciting league aside from the Premiership. Contrary to this, and ignoring the three time Ballon D’or holder Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo was the most popular player amongst football fans when asked who they would most like to sign for the team.

The research proved that English football fans are incredibly loyal to their team with 38% citing that no amount of money would make them sway to fully supporting another team. However, a cheeky 10% did suggest that £1 million would make them switch.

The research from William Hill also found that the typical football fan is almost willing to give up anything for a season ticket to their team. Incredibly, 13% of fans would give up their partners and 8% would give up their children for a guaranteed season ticket.

64% of fans claimed that they were desperate for some silverware to the point that they would swap season tickets to see their team play in the UEFA Champions League Final for a guaranteed trophy. 56% of those asked would also lose their local derby if there was some silverware guaranteed this season.

Top 10 most unloved teams

  1. Morecambe
  2. Alfreton Town
  3. Altrincham
  4. Braintree Town
  5. Dartford
  6. Forest Green Rovers
  7. Welling United
  8. Barrow
  9. Brackley Town
  10. Bradford Park Avenue