Mario Balotelli boldly gives Liverpool career a ‘7/10’ so far

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Italian maverick does promise to improve, however…

Mario Balotelli reckons that because of increased work-rate, he can rate his Liverpool career to date at 7/10, reports the Mirror.

The Italian rated his stint at Manchester City at 6.5/10, but although he scored 30 goals with the Sky Blues and won a Premier League title, he thinks he’s doing better at Liverpool…

“I give myself half a point more [at Liverpool], so seven – because I run more than before. I run, I’m running now – I’ve never run like this…so I give myself half a point more,” he told Fox Sports America.

Having so far failed to score a Premier League goal, most fans would rate his first few months considerably lower – but the forward has promised that he’ll start scoring soon.

“The goals will come,” he claimed.

“It is just something that is not coming at the moment – but it (goalscoring) has not gone. It will come,” he claimed.

The 24-year-old has notched once in the Champions League and once in the League Cup, but his failure to score in the top flight has been crippling because of Daniel Sturridge’s injury.

As a result, he’s come under intense scrutiny, but reckons it won’t affect him provided he has the support of those close to him.

“I don’t need people to believe in me, so long as I believe in myself. The important people for me are my family and a few close friends.

“Even if some think because I didn’t score, or because I started not very good this season that I will not be a top player or a really good player for this team, it is their business, so long as I believe in myself.”

While Balotelli’s form has clearly not warranted a ‘7/10’ rating, it’s important to take the positives from his statements, and only hope he’s right in predicting that goals will come shortly – hopefully against Crystal Palace on Sunday if he manages to get on the pitch.

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