Mario Balotelli apologises for accidentally anti-semitic Instagram post

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Italian says sorry for offence caused…

As most fans will already be aware, Mario Balotelli committed a pretty serious social media faux pas on Monday evening.

The Italian forward posted a moronic joke to his Instagram page, which included the racial stereotypes that black people can jump higher and Jewish people are greedy.

It’s important to remember that while his attempt to do so was crass and stupid, Balotelli was actually trying to promote multiculturalism. He failed miserably, but his intentions shouldn’t be entirely ignored. An internet storm ensued (predictably), and the 24-year-old has since issued this apology: 

Balotelli’s post was in remarkably poor taste, but it wasn’t malicious. He’s a black man with a Jewish mother, so any accusation that he holds any racist views towards black and Jewish people are farcical.

His apology can be accepted, and we can move on. But let’s hope he gets off his iPhone and starts concentrating on his football.

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