Media churn out more Fernando Torres rumours

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The press are linking us with a move for Fernando Torres.

It was inevitable, really.

With Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert struggling and Daniel Sturridge still missing through injury, the media have decided that Fernando Torres is coming back to Anfield.

With both Nando and Liverpool going through some tough times at the moment, you can see the romance in the idea. Just imagine him coming back in January and turning the club’s season around, firing the Reds back into the Champions League.

It’s just not going to happen, unfortunately.

Firstly, the complexities of Torres’ loan arrangement at AC Milan make it unlikely. The striker is barely six months into a two year loan deal. Chelsea don’t want him back – they’re delighted to have found someone to pay his considerable wages. AC Milan thought he would be a cheap option after they sold us Balotelli, but the move appears to be backfiring for the Italian side.

Secondly, Fernando just isn’t the same player we had at Anfield anymore. Year after year at Chelsea he failed to find his form, and at Milan he has scored just one goal since his arrival in the summer. Even back at Anfield, where he’d feel loved and appreciated once again, it seems unlikely Nando would be even a shadow of his former self.

Let’s remember Fernando as he was: a brilliant striker and a hero in his time here. Bringing him back as the broken player he is now will just tarnish that memory.


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