Coutinho interview: Why I watch Ronaldinho, & why I’m training late!

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22-year-old midfielder tells all…

Our excellent Brazilian playmaker has given an interesting interview to the official Liverpool website, in which he outlines where he gathers inspiration, and why he’s so happy at Anfield right now.

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“There are always so many things to improve. I’ve been working on assisting my teammates even further and improving my goal tally as I understand this as being part of my role. I expect to do better on this,” Coutinho began.

“In training, I’ve been working with our coaches on specific tasks to better my final touch.

“Whenever possible, I have post-training sessions to work on improving my shooting accuracy.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve been ‘studying’.

“I like watching football games as much as everyone else does. I’ve always enjoyed seeing Ronaldinho play and I watch videos of him to take as an inspiration.

“I sometimes also watch videos of myself to see what I have done well and what I could have done better.”

“I’m feeling very happy because the team have been playing well again.”

“This is so important as everyone does better individually when we are doing well as a team.

“We’re constantly looking to improve and, as I said, I for one know I have to improve a few things. I want to be a player who will score goals more often.

“We’re in a good shape at the moment and we’ll have a few opportunities to test that in all games and competitions we have ahead of us.”

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