Mino Raiola says Mario Balotelli will ‘leave Liverpool for £60-70m, or he’ll die there’

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Italian’s agent says his client is insecure, which makes him do stupid things…

The high-profile agent of Mario Balotelli, Mino Raiola, has yet again come out in the press with comments regarding his maverick client, reports Goal.

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Raiola claims that the 24-year-old will stay at Anfield, despite the fact that he’s failed to score a single Premier League goal, and hasn’t started a Liverpool match for over two months.

“The plan is to continue at Anfield. I saw him Monday and told him: ‘You have a 4 year contract and I won’t bring you away. Or you leave Liverpool at 60-70 million, and I won my bet, or you’ll die there,'” the agent said.

“It’s the first time I make a speech like that to a player. I’ve seen him quiet, changed, different than Milan.

“Very disappointed with himself, too,” Railoa continued.

“He’s going through a bad time like he never had. In Liverpool he hasn’t his spaces: if you don’t make things as they want, you stay out. Then he was broken for eight weeks, he lost the rhythm.”

It’s been widely speculated this January that the Italian would leave to join a Serie A club before the transfer window closes, but these quotes intimate that Balotelli will continue fighting to resurrect his Liverpool career.

While admitting that Balotelli has failed to impress so far, Raiola reckons that no other footballer has to deal with ‘injustices’ like the forward does, and that his lack of self esteem causes him to occasionally misbehave.

“Of all the players I knew I’ve never met one forced to face the injustices suffered by Mario.”

“People do not know him, the truth is that Mario is an insecure boy, and due to his insecurity maybe he does stupid things.”

Since joining, Balotelli has made the back pages for the wrong reasons on a few occasions, earning a ban for a potentially racist Instagram post as well as being snapped on various nights out.

However, most of these occurrences have been blown out of proportion due to the media’s obsession with the forward.

Raiola has reiterated the fact that his client needs help from teammates and coaching staff alike, however.

“AC Milan needed a leader. Give the ball to Mario, he scores a goal, everyone is happy. But he is not a leader, and it is also wrong to ask him to be a leder. There are very strong players who have no leadership, others less strong but which have leadership,” he said.

Let’s hope Steven Gerrard, and other senior players in the squad, can help Balotelli finally find his feet at Liverpool – as his talent has never been questioned.

Perhaps the return of Daniel Sturridge will help him, as the lone forward role clearly hasn’t suited him.

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  1. Balotelli’s career has been a series of unimpressive performances backed by increasingly repetitive excuses, many of which are ridiculous to begin with. To say that he has so much on his mind and is going through a lot, I’m sorry but this applies to thousands of professional footballers, most of which don’t get paid anywhere near what he gets paid. He should be grateful that clubs continue to throw money at him as he continues to make a fool out of himself time and again, and he doesn’t exactly put in super-star performances day in and day out. And doing stupid things because you are insecure is the dumbest justification you could give – it indicates how immature you are as a person.

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