The cost of football compared to rugby

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Before last Sunday’s game against Manchester City a group of Liverpool supporters together with Manchester City ones joined together to protest the cost of football. This was not the first time that football fans have protested the expensive cost of football, it has sky-rocketed since the inception of the English Premier League.

The big piece of the cost are the ticket prices, when you add the cost of transportation and concessions it does makes it out of reach for a lot of working class families.

Football is a sport with a working class backbone; They were the ones who filled the grounds in rain, sleet or snow. They were the ones who sang their hearts out, they were the ones who supported their clubs through thick and thin. Unfortunately now they are being priced out.

The biggest insult to injury however is the fact the E.P.L. has recently scored a bumper TV deal, this could have been a good opportunity for clubs to lower the ticket fees or find a way to subsidise them. A report in the Daily Mirror from last October shows how ticket prices in England are 4 times more expensive than in Germany. It is a similar story in Spain, you can watch Barcelona play for 1/3 the price as you do to watch Manchester City.

I came across another interesting site ( which shows how football finances compare to those of rugby. The site has very interesting info-graphics showing comparisons of the Premier League and the rugby Super League.

For the sake of football I hope that the E.P.L. bosses come to their senses and do something about the ticket prices. Football without fans is nothing.