Didi Hamann – Emre Can is doing it right

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I asked him about what he makes of Liverpool’s season so far, he replied that we have been very good and played very well in the last three months. Liverpool are in a good position for top four, the away FA Cup game against Blackburn is not going to be easy however we can progress and try to collect some silverware too.

I followed up the question with what advice would he give to fellow compatriot Emre Can. He praised him and said that he is doing the right things like working hard,  playing well and also being very versatile. Didi predicts that Emre’s role in defensive midfield will be big for the years to come.

I also asked him about Gerrard on what made him so special as a player and as a captain. Didi said that although Gerrard was captain at a young age he never took anything fore-granted. He has never stopped improving and has mental strength in abundance. The goal he scored in Istanbul was a pure testament of that as it wasn’t an easy goal to score and it did change the course of the game. He did the same time and time again including the F.A. Cup final against West Ham.

I finally asked Didi about ticket prices and why is it that in Germany the Bundesliga makes them so affordable while in England they are not. His reply was that it was a cultural thing and the Germans like to reward the fans while in England they know that the stadia will be full no matter what the ticket prices are. He said that it has gotten out of hand in the last few years in England and something had to be done.

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