Save the Liverpool Player of the Year vote: rival fans threaten to hijack poll

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Rival fans trying to muddy the club’s poll of supporters…

Manchester United and Arsenal fans have taken to Twitter to attempt to hijack the vote for Liverpool’s Player of the Year – and it’s down to us to save it.

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The club’s official account tweeted a link this morning, inviting fans to vote on the official Liverpool website for their favourite player and who they thought has had the biggest impact this season, but Arsenal and Manchester United fans have latched onto it quickly.

As soon as the Liverpool tweet went up, United and Arsenal fans were already planning to troll the club by influencing the poll. Supporters of those teams tweeted out to their followers to vote for Mario Balotelli as the Liverpool Player of the Year.

Let’s not pull punches – it hasn’t been a great season for the Italian at Anfield and rumours continue to circulate about his future.

And if he were to somehow win the award, it would be clearly be undeserved given the contributions of the likes of Emre Can, Philippe Coutinho and Raheem Sterling this season.

However, this campaign from supporters of other clubs is frankly pathetic, so we call on all Liverpool fans to get involved and vote for who they truly believe is the Player of the Year so these idiots cannot influence what should be a decision by Reds for Reds!

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