Selling Raheem Sterling wouldn’t make any sense

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Raheem Sterling certainly hasn’t helped his situation at all this season. From an unauthorized interview with the BBC to turning down contract offers that would of landed him £100,000 per week, you can see why the Liverpool fan base has become frustrated with him.

Sterling has had a decent season to be truthful. It may not have reached the same levels as last season but he has arguably been one of Liverpool’s better players.

With 11 goals in all competitions this season for Liverpool, he has shown he is a key player for Brendan Rodgers’ side. He could arguably have scored more if he became more clinical in front of goal.

His ability to play in different positions has been vital this season. With the numerous injuries to Daniel Sturridge and the lack of goals from Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert and Fabio Borini, we have seen Raheem Sterling playing as Liverpool’s forward for majority of the season.

I personally feel this season could have been more painful than what it already is if we didn’t have Raheem Sterling to play as the false nine.

Looking away from his contributions on the pitch this season, he has had a tough time of the pitch. And it would be fair to say, he has brought it on himself.

I have become frustrated with Sterling due to all the contract talks and numerous other topics just as much as every other Liverpool fan this season.

It’s an honour to play for Liverpool Football Club but you get the feeling Raheem Sterling doesn’t feel that. Also the fact he is one of the key players in the side and he is getting game time at a massive club. You can’t really complain can you?

Despite all the negative talk surrounding him, the club would be in the wrong to sell. Rumours are quickly spreading that he could go for a fee of around £50 million and clubs like Manchester City and Arsenal are heavily linked.

When I heard the fee of £50 million it seemed liked we would be getting good value for him, but after missing out on Alexis Sanchez last summer and Memphis Depay only a couple of days ago, it had me thinking, who would we possibly bring in to replace him?

Liverpool Football Club in the modern day seem to struggle to attract the top quality players. Over £100 million was spent last summer and here we are sitting 5th in the league with the likelihood of Europa League football next season. That’s simply not good enough.

We haven’t spent money wisely in recent years and by selling Raheem Sterling I feel we would go down the same path again. If we aren’t attracting top quality, proven players, then tell me how we will spend the Raheem Sterling fee?

It’s all good and well bringing in £50 million for him, but if we can’t attract a quality replacement then there really is no point. I have no doubt we wouldn’t buy a better player than Raheem Sterling if we were to sell.

I can’t imagine adding Raheem Sterling to the list of players that have gone or are going this summer. Losing Jamie Carragher and Luis Suarez has been huge. We all know Steven Gerrard is only games away from finishing his Liverpool career, imagine adding Raheem Sterling to that list as well. It’s unimaginable and too much quality to lose in such a short amount of time.

Raheem Sterling can turn this around. It will take time, but if he remains at the club he can get the supporters back on side with him. Look at Luis Suarez just before the 2013/14 season begun. He came out and stated he wanted to leave the club for Arsenal. Many supporters fell out with him at the time, but he managed to turn it all around with a blistering season which almost saw Liverpool win the league. It’s all in Raheem Sterling’s control and it remains important to remember he can turn it around.

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